I'm Jordi Nebot a 15-years-old entrepreneur. I create and lead technological projects, specially startup companies. Currently I'm at the lead of Playerset. Always able to join great projects.

What I Do

I'm a 15 years old entreprenur. Since two years ago I've been working in several companies and creating project since its earliest stage. I'm specialized in the creation of startup companies, developing the product and corporative strategy and always taking care of users experience.


Who I Am

I'm one of those entrepreneurs that make of their work their lifestyles. I'm deeply convinced that the way you face all the situations involving your business is the one you have to apply in your daily life. First step to success is loving what you do.


Work and Convictions

There are several ways to face the life. The way you see the world is the way that you’ll do your things, your great things, and just when your ideas get big enough, they stop being yours and become a new useful tool to improve the world. Perhaps an startup is the main expression of this fact. When you launch a project you’re building something just known by you. While all your efforts, your time, ideas and talent go being spent on that that great thing that just was yours, turns into a new method to improve people’s life, to make it easier, funnier, joyful… My conviction says that every single man has to find his way to make this world better. This is mine, and I’ll be always glad to take part of yours.

Along my short stage by startups companies area I've had the pleasure to work inside and create several projects. Those are a few of them.

Say Hello.

Hey! Write me a line or find me on the social medias and I'll be glad to have a chat with you :)